2023: The Year of Healing Council

Green and yellow astrological symbol with the year 2023

2023: The Year of Healing Council
Addictions, Council, and the Potential for Solving Crises


Greetings, Agents of Evolution!

As the new year approaches, we have the opportunity to reflect on the many breaths we took over the past twelve plus lunar months, and the gifts each one of them brought.

I had dubbed 2022 the year of "Sourcing Light from Within." How did that play out for you? What experiences made you more aware of your own unique spark of Light, the unique flavor of Love that you are?

As we cross the threshold into 2023, I invite you to hold an intention for greater and greater Self-Love, knowing that when your own Love shines brightly, you automatically move the needle on our collective evolution:

"I love, honor, and value the Love within me.

I love, honor, value that same Love in all of creation.

I invite deeper connection with the Love pulsing this world alive in 2023.

I invite more Love, Joy, and Peace into my life in 2023."


Addictions, Council, and the Potential for Solving Crises

2023 is about Healing, bringing things to Wholeness. Which is not done in a vacuum – we need allies for this work, dozens of other experts who can help. But bringing ourselves to wholeness also requires our 100% accountability for any fragmentation.

Try on this question, to stoke the fires of healing in your own life:

"Which of my prayers are my current circumstances answering?"

2023 will reveal to us our collective addictions. We may find ourselves gathering in council to discuss solutions, ways of solving the crises brought on by our addictions, and how to wean ourselves off our addictions.

We are about to discover the power in our collective intention to bring ourselves to wholeness.

"Council," in the sense of the word as many indigenous peoples' use it, is an ancient practice of tending to the vast web of connections that exist between us as individuals and every living thing in our communities. In Council, we learn how to listen without judgment as we open to the unique roles each person and other-than-human plays in our web of life. We honor this web and find ways of bringing the entire community to wholeness, knowing that when one of us suffers, we are not Whole.

As we lean into this practice to solve the many layers of problems facing us today in our communities, we begin the difficult work of shedding our addictions, born of separation, even as we step into more and more of our own sovereignty and uniqueness.

This healing is a maturation process that some will undertake in 2023 while others insist on cleaving to their addictions. The choice lies with each of us: Addiction, or Wholeness and right relation with all of life.

Artwork by Darien Donner.