Agents of Evolution Book - By Marga Laube

AGENTS of EVOLUTION: An Astrological Guide for Transformative Times—Astrologer Marga Chempolil Laube takes readers on a soul ecology field trip, revealing how astrological terrain helps us navigate our individual evolutionary journeys and, in turn, our collective global crises.

Touring us through our solar system, Laube draws on the archetypal stories of the planets to outline nine distinct paths of evolution available to us – such as the path of Energy, and the path of Spirit – and the competencies that each path elicits. She presents evidence of the Agents of Evolution currently walking these paths, authoring the newest iterations of the ancient archetypes.

Through a savvy combination of personal narrative, interviews, and universal astrological guidance, Laube aims to inspire both the "astro-curious" as well as aficionados looking to deepen their relationship with the planets and move the needle on our collective evolution.

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Words of Praise

"Facing life’s complex patterns and structures – internal, external and global – require tools, processes and practices. Ms. Laube’s elegant wisdom is an invitation for us to expand, transform and cultivate deeper meaning of our lives at a time when we must evolve as a species. This book deconstructs and guides us into possibilities for radically reimagining our unique roles - individually and collectively - to cultivate an awareness of our indelible connectedness to self, others, to the earth, and the wisdom that is consistently trying to make itself available on this life journey."

Shakti Butler, Ph.D.
Founder and President of World Trust

"In Agents of Evolution, Marga Laube has demonstrated a remarkable ability to make the timeless and ancient wisdom of astrology accessible for the modern reader. This book not only makes an important contribution to the area of personal growth and transformation, but also illuminates a way of understanding the complex issues of our time in the light of profound archetypal truths."

James Kelleher
author, Path of Light: Introduction to Vedic Astrology, Vol. I & II

"In a multicultural and richly narrative voice, Marga Laube's rendering of classic astrological themes is kind, connective, and free from jargon or dogma. She easefully bridges the ancient wisdom of the heavens and enduring archetypal realities with the challenges of our uniquely potent and vulnerable times here on Earth."

Dr. Daniel Foor
author of Ancestral Medicine: Rituals for Personal and Family Healing

"Marga Laube is opening new doors in astrology, as she ties the planets to our global and personal evolution. This insightful book can deepen your understanding of the planetary factors behind your destiny and your life path."

Sally Kempton
author of Meditation for the Love of It and Awakening Shakti

"In her lucid book, Marga shares her refined understanding of astrology as soul ecology, a way to elevate our social consciousness and effectiveness as change agents. She shows that astrologers aligned with planetary influences develop the evolutionary competencies to respond creatively to our current collective wake-up call. With insights equally relevant to both Vedic and Tropical astrologers, Marga teaches us to look at the birth chart from the perspective of We, not just I, and to imagine and unfold lives that benefit the commons. The poetry, enthusiasm, and intensity of her writing is inspirational."

Greg Bogart
author of Astrology and Spiritual Awakening, and Astrology’s Higher Octaves

Marga Laube has an exceptional gift—not only in demystifying astrology, but also making it an accessible and reliable tool for deep personal transformation. Agents of Evolution is a testament to Marga’s devotion to this subject and her mastery as a practitoner and teacher. Now she is gifting the world with a clear way of understanding how the cosmic dance of the planets can impact and shape our lives, and most importantly, giving us agency in how we navigate and respond to it.

Holly Lynn Payne 
writing coach, author, and the host and producer of the Page One Podcast