April 2023: Feeling Our Oats

April 2023Feeling Our Oats

Greetings, Agents of Evolution!

At the top of the month we are still under the influence of that potent Venus/ Uranus conjunction that took place on March 30, which got us to test drive our new sense of what Love and enjoyment and social connection can feel like when it comes from an unselfconscious place. It may feel a little edgy, or out of control, or exciting, or all of the above.

As the month progresses we continue to receive insights about what has our heart's attention, and also about what we might need to lay aside in order to make room for our new discoveries.

Mon., Apr. 3

Mercury square Pluto

Exposing the wizard behind the curtain

Being hounded by our own fears and anxieties can wear us down. The energy we waste defending against the bullies inside our own minds is better spent admitting the feeling of powerlessness, summoning courage, and facing the bully anyway. Skillfully.

Collectively we may be seeing the continuation and expansion of protests (like the ones in Israel recently.)


Thurs., Apr. 6

Full Moon in Hasta

His eye is on the sparrow...

There's a lot of energy for forward momentum piled up behind us, but the need for healing keeps putting on the brakes. Luckily, there's Grace a-plenty available, for that healing.

Having to make choices between too many options features into this full moon too; as well as a steady stream of data points to consider.

I will offer a more detailed summary of this full moon on Instagram.


Tues., Apr. 11

Sun Jupiter conjoined;

also, Venus trine Pluto

Optimism with a hint of goofy swagger

Enthusiasm for the path forward. Feelings of confidence, (maybe even a touch of spiritual entitlement?) with regards to our faith in the future.


Wed., Apr. 19 - Mon., May 22

Jupiter, Sun, Rahu, Mercury, Uranus, clustered

Too much of a good thing

Water is good. Too much water can be destructive.

This cluster of planets all dancing together in the sky in a party zone can be like a group of rowdy teenagers having a great time who barrel through the grocery store at top volume together. But then with Saturn's sextile to Rahu, the store manager comes and tells the group to leave. 

Our inner teenager may be needing an outlet.


Thurs., April 20, 00:16am EDT

New Moon/ Annular Solar Eclipse in Ashwini

(and Sun Square Pluto)

Shift in the world consciousness about who and what is relevant

Eclipses come in pairs. This spring, we have a solar eclipse on April 19/20 (depending on your time zone,) and a lunar eclipse on May 5.

It's better, if you can avoid it, to not initiate big things between these two dates and for a few days on either side of this "eclipse sandwich." Especially because Mercury also turns retrograde the next day after the solar eclipse.

This eclipse is a big one. It's a good day to be mindful and careful while driving and traveling as this eclipse is slightly accident prone.

Not being able to respond quickly enough to be helpful is a theme for this eclipse, (which is in effect a few weeks before the eclipse starts and lasts six months until the next pair of eclipses). We might see this play out in terms of world governments or NGOs or world leaders not being able to move quickly enough to stop disasters from happening, or to stop their spread once they happen.

I will offer a more detailed summary of this new moon & solar eclipse on Instagram.

While eclipses are considered "inauspicious" for worldly life, they are truly excellent times for dipping into the naked truth of who we are, unadorned, un-fluffed up. Sitting there, in that, making ourselves available to Grace.


Fri., Apr. 21 - Sun., May 14

Mercury Retrograde


No biggie but getchyer ducks in a row. Be more mindful about contracts, payments, communications, travels. Go through the details more than once to double check yourself.

My favorite part of Merc. Retro – having old friends resurface.


World Astrology Predictions

I recently began a formal study of "Mundane Astrology" (world predictions) with my Vedic Astrology teacher, James Kelleher. Though I've been dabbling with this art for a couple decades, this class has been my first formal training in the subject. So this month I thought I'd share some formal world predictions for you. 


April Predictions

Around the April 20 solar eclipse, U.S. political alliances experience aggressive shifts.

Around the April 20 solar eclipse, something happens with the U.S. stock market. (Though there is a more likely, and more significant shift in the overall U.S. economy around September 2023.)

Around the April 20 solar eclipse, President Biden and his family have an emotional setback. Perhaps involving the First Lady. Or perhaps there's a change in health for one of the First Pets. Or for the president himself.

Let's see what happens...

I'll review these predictions in next month's newsletter so you can help me track my progress in astrological world forecasting!