August 2022: Well Hello New World!

As August opens, we as a collective find ourselves navigating some tricky, volatile terrain. Collectively, we can reach for staying deeply present through these shifts that are far beyond our collective control, to give sacred witness, and to stay grounded. In so doing, we avoid spiraling into confusion and chaos, and instead provide the anchoring needed on earth for evolutionary energies to help us find our sustainable way forward. 

The transits of August are part of the ongoing Saturn Uranus square that began in February 2021 and culminates in October 2022. What happens in August is part of a sequence of events that reaches a climax in a couple months.

Some of the highlights of the month of August are:

July 30 - August 2
Mars, Uranus, Rahu conjunction square the Mercury Saturn opposition
Breakthrough into the Future.
Disruptive, rogue actors on the world stage.
Debates. Setting boundaries. Hard lines.

This is a three-day period to keep your commitments to a minimum. It's a big time on the world stage and though only some individuals will be directly affected, we will all be feeling the collective electric blowout of it. Events can happen fast and furious, with little warning, ushering in radical change. 

(As an example, I was researching political figures' charts, and U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's natal Venus/ Uranus conjunction on the midheaven is being directly impacted by the transits of this three-day period. She may be one public individual for whom the effects of these transits are directly felt.)

On the personal level there can be enormous potential for breakthroughs in areas of our lives that have been stuck for a very long time (perhaps even for generations.) The breakthroughs may be disruptive and chaotic in the short term, but the end result can be quite favorable. The trick with having this work for you is to ground, ground, ground. The volatility of this set of transits can fry our circuits if we're not careful.

Earth events involving earth's magnetic field are likely. Electrical storms. Solar flares, CMEs, geomagnetic storms. Possible problems for the power grid. Possible disruptions to the internet.

August 7/8
Mars square Saturn
Hearkens back to the beginning of April with the Mars Saturn conjunction
What was happening for you around the beginning of April? What newly challenging circumstances were you tending to? Or what new ways forward were you sculpting? 

This Mars/ Saturn square highlights a growth challenge in that area of your life. Also, obstacles to the bold moves made the first couple days of August make themselves clearly known. Some things grind to a halt. Roadblocks and boundaries are erected, crisp lines are drawn.

The pandemic and the global economy may have a conversation this weekend. 

August 11
Full Moon in Dhanishta
With the full moon's conjunction to Saturn against a backdrop of stars the ancient seer's of India named "Dhanishta," (a cluster of stars known for producing abundance and wealth,) the cosmos regulates runaway processes. The economy is likely to experience a setback. An authority flashes a red light at speeding greed.

August 27
New Moon in Magha
The ancestors weigh in
With an exact square from Mars, this new moon carves out for us the way forward. Mercury strongly placed in Uttara Phalguni opposite retrograde Jupiter has us communicating with our partners and allies, retracing steps, brainstorming the rebuild. During this lunation we are invited to employ the resilience those who have walked these lands before us have passed down through the collective human genome.


What's an Agent of Evolution To Do?

This month you want to give your nervous system the reset time it will need. Get good rest. Eat nutritious foods. Drink plenty of cooling, clear, life-giving water. Decrease screen time. Increase green time – and by that I mean time outdoors with grass and trees. Stay grounded, in Love, pleasure, Joy, humor, deep rest, and the natural world. Be vigilant about good self care.

If impatience, irritability, frustration, impetuousness or anger arise, work with those energies consciously. Be ultra aware of your breathing – breathe deeply. Engage a physical practice like Chigong to cool yourself down and bring your energy into balance. 

Know that as an Agent of Evolution, your body – especially your brain and nervous system – are likely to be feeling the evolutionary acceleration. Our bodies are grounding rods for evolutionary energy, holding the tension between the old and the new. It is an act of compassion to notice what our bodies need to restore, calm, soothe, and self-regulate, and to provide that for them.

On the other side of these transits, we will all have a changed perspective of what's possible here on Earth. And because necessity is the mother of invention, we may even have some brilliant new (or ancient) solutions to long standing collective dilemmas. And that's a good thing!