June 2023: Creating the Path as We Walk It

June 2023: Creating the Path as We Walk It

June 2023Pleasure & Joy Dot the Landscape of Wild Uncertainty

Dear Agents of Evolution,

I hope you are daily deepening in your connection with the preciousness of Life. If you are getting hammered by our collective evolution with all its economic, social, spiritual, and physical effects, you are not alone. And still, life is so precious.

I just returned from a week long deep dive with 22 other humans and the high-altitude, alpine ecosystem in Ward, CO that included snow-capped peaks, a very enthusiastic creek, northern goshawk, lodge pine and ponderosa pine, hailstorms, black bear, chickadee, mountain lion, moose, eagle, elk, and unforgettable hummingbird. I will be writing more about this expansive experience in my Substack newsletter – please sign up for that here if you'd like to track what I'm up to with kincentrism.

Ok, I'm extending the offer for one hour "Dharma Readings" for people below the age of 25, especially those graduating high school or college, for $135. (An excellent graduation gift!) In the Dharma Reading I'll take a look at what the young adult's birth chart says about them discovering and giving their greatest gifts to the world. Sometimes Dharma is expressed through career, and sometimes it is expressed through a role played, or a way of being shared with our web of relations. Dharma, as it shows up in the birthchart, is what I focus on with the young person, in the Dharma Reading.

I'm also bringing back the popular 1/2 hour quickie readings for two days in June. (Details and sign-up below...) You can also, always schedule full length (75 min.) follow-ups, here.

Read on below for June's astro weather highlights!

We're on a roll – half hour tune-ups continue for June!

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June Astro Weather Highlights

June 3

Full Moon in Jyeshtha

Courage in the Face of Evolution

We have to rise to the occasion. We may be feeling quite tender, and maybe a little emotionally vulnerable. There's gold hidden in staying with these feelings.

I offer a more detailed summary of this Full Moon on Instagram.


June 4

Mercury conjunct Uranus

Wild possibilities

We are all part-time geniuses :) On par with our 15 minutes of fame, when Mercury conjoins Uranus we get about 18 hours of genius. Strokes of insight, sudden awakenings, un-self-conscious communications, flashes of genius, the truth laid bare, downloads from Wisdom.

This transit can also bring sudden new plans, or unexpected shifts in plans.

The urge for freedom and independence can run really high under a transit like this so best to sit with whatever feels like you just gotta do it, and see if you still feel that way later this week.


June 4

Venus opposite Pluto

The "Cost" of Love and Belonging

Intimacy can be delicious. However, when we're not clear about who we are and the power that we have and the privileges we wield, intimacy can be the stage where we are revealed to ourselves. Sometimes in ambush form.

 Also, sometimes what we think is love is actually just a toxic cocktail of lust, unconscious power, co-dependence, projection, and other nasties. If that's what's happening for you, this transit might pop that bubble of self-delusion.

 Keep in mind that love and intimacy is not limited to romantic, one on one relationships. We can love places, jobs, identities, communities...


June 17

Saturn stations retrograde

Time to solve for reality

Things are about to become more entrenched. Or searching for more stable ground, depending on how you look at it.

 We've got plenty of ideas around where we'd like to take our lives but how we get there traverses a minefield of individual and collective karma. (June 17 - November 4) Saturn helps us create things that will last though, so any obstacles, snags, delays, or additional hoops to jump through, will ultimately give our ideas more solid foundations.


June 18

New Moon in Mrigashira


In the face of ever tightening realities, we rise. To adventure. To fun. To connection.

I will offer a more detailed summary of this New Moon on Instagram.


June 25-26

Mars square Uranus

Directing electricity

Whatever in your life is waiting to be lit up, this bold, risk-taking transit might give you a nice kick in the butt to make that thing happen. We won't have the chance to overthink things with this transit. This is more about instinctual and intuitive energy in action.

 Walk mindfully through these days as they are slightly accident prone. But also let yourself be stretched by the speed and adventure.


World Astrology Predictions

A Review of May Predictions:

Last month I said:  "Around the May 5 lunar eclipse, the Federal Reserve is not able to achieve what it tries to achieve, and public confidence in the central bank and the FDIC is at an all-time low."

I think it's fair to say that was accurate: From Reuters, June 2: "At its May 2-3 meeting, the Fed approved its 10th straight rate increase since March 2022, but in doing so shifted tactics from a clear tightening path to a more ambiguous, 'meeting-by-meeting' approach that in theory would allow incoming data to shape policy choices."  The Fed seems to be in uncharted territory.

Also Reuters, May 9: "Americans' confidence in Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell's economic stewardship has skidded to the lowest of any recent U.S. central bank head, according to a Gallup poll released Tuesday that also showed broad doubts about the country's economic leadership overall."

I'll be back in July or August with more predictions.

Wishing you unshakable inner peace and connection with all of life, no matter what is happening...