September 2023: Brass Tacks

September 2023: Brass Tacks

September 2023Brass Tacks

Dear Agents of Evolution,

How was the month of August for you? Time seemed to speed up for me, autumn seemed to arrive a little early, and Life seemed to spiral in on itself a little, the way it does during endings...

Remember the line from Harry Potter, "I open at the close"? Well it's occurred to me that our 'golden snitch' has been opening for us as a human race. Because we are facing a close/ an ending. The ancestors have drawn near, watching, always available. Nostalgia for the past rises through my heart and into my throat and quickly plummets through my feet below me. We can't hold on to what we thought life was going to be. That world is gone. Those days are over. We were never here for ourselves – we were here for Life's constant unfolding. The promise of something new being born vaguely dances in the field, but its contours are still amorphous.

Do you feel this too?

What a Time to be alive! Thank you for walking this Path together with me!

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September Astro Weather Highlights

September 3, 2023

Venus Stations Direct

Re-assessing values, desires, relationships, life priorities

What of your aesthetic, your life's material goals, your relationships, has been reconsidered and perhaps redefined during Venus retro?

As Venus reappears in the sky as the morning star, consider this teaching on staying awake by Franciscan theologian Richard Rohr: "Staying awake comes not from willpower but from a wholehearted surrender to the moment as it is."

You'll now begin seeing the results of all the inner work you've done this past month as Venus resumes direct motion. Stay awake to What Is, and release what has dropped away.


September 4

Jupiter Stations Retrograde

Socio-political review time

Things are about to get wavy. Jupiter joins all the other outer planets in retrograde motion, on a day that the Moon conjoins Uranus. Life on the socio-political front is more about reform than the initiation of new programs or policies. A bit of navel gazing for us as a human family. (Pluto goes direct mid-October, breaking the spell a bit.)


September 14

New Moon in Uttara Phalguni

Purposeful partnerships

This new moon highlights the Sun and Moon conjunct Mercury, who is opposite Saturn. We'll be defining the parameters of our relationships, and unsentimentally looking at how we navigate tricky waters, together.

I will offer a more detailed summary of this New Moon on Instagram.


September 15

Mercury Stations Direct

Down to Brass Tacks

The review period is over but with Saturn opposite this stationing Mercury, we're still surrounded by the aftermath of the review. Lots of new things to address. Lots of new details to sort through.


September 29

Full Moon in Uttara Bhadrapada


The feeling here is, "There's a big job ahead of us." Our lunar response to this is, "We can do hard things. Let's roll up our sleeves."

I will offer a more detailed summary of this New Moon on Instagram.


September 29/30

Venus square Uranus

Adapting to the pace of Change

Venus was conjunct Uranus on April 5, 2023. What new things were you considering then, that might be getting their first real test now? Part of the deal with this transit is helping our nervous systems adapt to the pace of Change.


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World Astrology Predictions

August/ September Predictions:

 In the Kelleher chart for the United States (set for 6:30pm, Philadephia, PA, July 4, 1776,) the US is entering a new sub-period on September 1, 2023, of Rahu/ Mercury, lasting until March 20, 2026.

This period may bring economic crisis, possibly due to economic ties with other nations where a downturn or collapse has initiated.

Let's see what happens...

I'll review this prediction in the October newsletter.


Agents of Evolution,

Lean into the possibility of these times with me...

Here's A 10-min. film by Katie Teague, featuring Bonnitta Roy, entitled "The Wicked Mush of the In Between." This might be interesting to anyone wondering how in the heck to hold this past-is-gone-future-has-not-yet-arrived chrysalis we're in.