December 2022: The Blessing in Darkness

December 2022: The Blessing in Darkness

December 2022The Blessing in Darkness

December brings us a significant turning of the seasons at the Winter Solstice, a portal through which we encounter the deepest dark, on our way to increasing light.

Treasure sparkles more brilliantly in the dark with even the tiniest light source making traveling the dark worth the fear that may arise. December invites us to let the dark "cut more deep," to borrow an encouragement from Hafiz.

In general, Mars is retrograde still until Jan. 13, and Mercury will be retrograde from Dec. 29 through Jan. 18, so this year December is not the greatest time to announce all your plans and set things in stone. Better to make plans softly, with a willingness to let life teach you what you still need to know, letting all the pieces fall into place before committing to new plans. By mid Jan. we should see better circumstances for forward momentum.

Some of the highlights of December are:

Dec. 3

Neptune stations direct squaring Venus and Mercury

Living the Dream 

It's hard to get our head in the game, with all that we're vaguely sensing. Use this weekend to let dreams and imagination drift you toward the things you need to know.


Dec. 7

Full Moon in Rohini conjunct Mars  

Big Energies Proclaiming Growth

Boldly going for what feels right. Confidence in our plans. Celebrating Life and growth.


Dec. 8

Sun opposite Retro Mars

Flash actions

Be mindful this day, to channel your energy in productive ways. This is a day to practice tolerating discomfort and pressure.


Dec. 9

Venus square Jupiter

Optimism enlisted

The energy needed to move in a direction, even if it isn't the exact right thing. Getting the inner green lights/ feel good on certain relationships, certain projects, certain directions.


Dec. 14

Sun square Neptune

The subtle worlds have their say

The world of dreams/ the imaginal realm imposes itself on the waking world, casting a hue of ambiguity. This isn't a great day for decisive action or corralling your energy for structured plans. Better to let yourself drift where the ocean takes you.(Mercury has entered his shadow since Dec. 12 so this further confuses the landscape.) 


Dec. 17

Mercury trine Uranus

Let it out!

A good time to playfully, mindfully reveal the truths that have been waiting for the right moment. Mars is still retrograde so be conscious of any edge that might unintentionally be finding its way into your messaging.


Dec. 21

Winter Solstice

Sun square Jupiter

Optimism and generosity marshaled through the dark portal

Boldness at the rim peering into the fecund void, heralding Light, proclaiming Hope, renewing Faith, celebrating Life!


Dec. 22

Venus Trine Uranus

Willingness to try something uncomfortably new

Being game for the adventure of a new approach


Dec. 23

New Moon in Mula with a square from Jupiter

Getting to the bottom of things

Sandwiched between the Solstice and Christmas, this New Moon helps us get to the root of things. This lunar month will be an absolutely excellent time to ask tough questions of ourselves requiring honesty, and accept the answers we receive. 


Dec. 29

Mercury Retrograde, Dec. 29 - Jan. 18

Review, redo

Just like every Merc. Retro, this one helps us to slow down enough to notice which details still need to be attended to before we can move forward. Since it occurs right around the turn of the year, we can expect the year to have a bit of a Merc. Retro signature. 


Dec. 29

Mercury conjunct Venus


Sometimes a kink in the plans brings on new connections, new loves, new possibilities for relating.


Dec. 31

Venus conjunct Pluto

Intensity of Longing

Sometimes what we thought was Love can reveal itself to be Death. Sometimes Death opens a portal to Love. Under this intense transit that brings Love and Death into a tight embrace, (also a signature of the year to come,) we see into the darkness of our own psyches. We see our motivations, our wounds, our protectors, our exiles. Spend some time being kind to these parts of yourself around the new year as they are activated. If you can, surrender into the Beauty of the pain that lets you know you Love that much.

Agents of Evolution, adjust to what life brings with a grateful heart.

There are times for action, and times for contemplation. December is kind of a tricky time of both. We might need to act without having all the information or resources. We might jump in too soon. We might need to redo some things. It's ok. We're allowed to learn as we go. 

An Agent of Evolution acts on behalf of the generations before and after.

Our presence on earth at this time can be a blessing to the ones who came before us and the ones who will inherit this world from us. Heal what is to come by infusing a sunrise into every wound yet to be inflicted. Heal the wounds of the past by sending Light there now. You can only do this by staying fully present Here, Now. Whether our presence is a blessing to the past and future is not a matter of how perfect we are, judged by some outside standard. It's a matter of how aligned we have become with our most authentic self.

May you be blessed to know your own Light...