November 2022: The River of Souls

November 2022: The River of Souls

November 2022
The River of Souls

November brings the opportunity for deep awareness of shadow, as well as Light – our own, our lineages', and the collective's.

This is a month to develop heart courage, trust in Life's plan, and get to deeply know ourselves.

Some of the highlights of November are:

Nov. 5 & 6
Venus opposite Uranus square Saturn
Women Rising; New Ways of Loving; Recalibrating the Scales of Justice 
We may continue to see/ see an increase in women rising together in protest.
We may be introduced to new social rituals, maybe via technology, maybe via pop culture. (The irrelevance of many old forms of pop culture, and popular opinion?) 
We may see many different views of justice flying around at once, all casting blame, demanding reparations, tearing at the fabric of established social order – in retrospect we may look back at Nov. 2022 as the beginning of a reformation of "The Vote" here in the U.S., or of elections practices. Or even of the judicial system.

Personally we may notice ourselves questioning what we have loved in the past, noticing how we are changing.

Nov. 8
Total Lunar Eclipse in Bharani,
conjunct Uranus, square Saturn;
with Sun conjunct Mercury & Venus   
Shocking revelations
Midterm election day in the U.S. is one hell of a ride, and the hangover only begins to dissipate around Nov. 11. This is an uncomfortable time for all of us globally, with passions running high, and emotions running amok. The mood of "The People" is particularly vulnerable to weird, shocking influences on this day.

No matter what you do on Nov. 8, notice when you are "getting carried away." An attitude you might cultivate is, "Even if I believe my thoughts to be right, these thoughts are not who I am." Notice when a destructive or aggressive thought wants to convince you of darkness. Don't buy into it. As you're reading this astro forecast, make a promise to yourself about what you're going to do if you find yourself in shock, and what you're going to do to let dark energy dissipate. 

The possibility exists that wonderful, surprising emotions are in store for some of us. But the astrology of this day suggests the majority of us will find it to be an emotionally taxing day. 

Nov. 12 – Dec. 5
Mars and Venus exchange signs
Powerfully charged exchanges
Attractive people, situations, projects want our attention and engagement. It's easy to feel compelled by the intensity juice in relationships under a transit like this. The general theme is something like, what of my self-preservation am I willing to let go of in order to make something full of life happen? The relationships in our field right now may result in creations. Or wars. Or both, at the same time. The intensity of the magnetic pull builds as we get closer to the exact opposition at the end of the month. 

Nov. 14
Venus trine Jupiter trine Moon 
Fortifying ourselves with gratitude
A much-needed day of abundance, kindness, generosity, love, and connection with Spirit, community, friends, family. Feeling buoyed by the good vibes.

Nov. 15
Mercury trine Jupiter 
Learning, teaching, preaching, long-windedness, sharing ideas, insights, encouragement, wisdom.

Nov. 20
Sun trine Jupiter 
Hope renews
Help arrives. Hope expands. Wide open awareness catches the Light. 

Nov. 18-20
Retrograde Mars square retrograde Neptune
Confusion through the re-do
Think back to the lunar eclipse of May 16 – what was happening for you back then? Mars and Neptune were conjoined at that time and you may have put some plans into motion that were motivated by ideals you hold. At this first quarter square of Mars to Neptune in mid-Nov., you may be examining those ideals and seeing how your plans are (or aren't) lining up with those ideals. Mars and Neptune square up again in March 2023, this time in direct fashion. You may find yourself reworking some plans made in May 2022, between now and March 2023, aligning slightly differently with your ideals. 

Nov. 23
New Moon in Anuradha with a beautiful trine from Jupiter stationing direct
Planting the seeds of devotion
Coming the day before Thanksgiving, this new moon takes us straight into the heart of devotion and friendship. New chapters are about to be written with new friend groups, new loves. The Moon feels all the feels in this part of the sky. Just let them all flow through. Great idea to release all expectations of connection for the Thanksgiving holiday, and instead appreciate the sublime beauty of What Is.

Nov. 29
Mercury opposite Mars
Them's fightin' words
This is a good time to be mindful about our communications. Notice all the ways we use words as weapons – e.g. gossip, ridicule, blame, snide remarks, passive aggressive junk. If you're angry, feel it, own it, maybe write it down, take a walk, and wait awhile before you say anything. 

Nov. 29-30
Venus opposite Mars
Examine the seeds you're sowing
Mars is in a placement and pattern of indiscriminate willfulness. While some very dynamic exchanges are possible under this kind of influence (when there's high awareness, emotional intelligence, and personal accountability on all sides,) this end of the month is pretty likely to produce some booby traps and relationship tangos. It's not a great time to push the edges of lawfulness or ethical behavior. It *is* a great time to create something wild together.

Agents of Evolution, you have trained for this.

The discipline of your practice will serve you now. Also, it is never too late to cultivate discipline. Sometimes it is times exactly like these that help us remember why discipline is necessary. 

An Agent of Evolution surfs the unknown.

Your attention is needed, to sense the deeper currents moving us all forward. Remind yourself to come "back to your senses." This moment. This breath. This Light. This smell in this air. This feeling on my skin. These sounds that I distinguish in the blanket of sound covering me. This Beauty.

Each moment is new and we can meet it, as it arises. 

May you be blessed with courage...