Dec. 2023: The Blur of Rapid Transformation

Dec. 2023: The Blur of Rapid Transformation

December 2023The Blur of Rapid Transformation

Dear Agents of Evolution,

As the year draws to a close, transformation simmers deep in the bowels of the collective. This December, transformation blows fast and furious through our lives, streaking across the screen of our futures, altering our course, challenging us to adapt.

Sometimes grounding is needed for the body. Sometimes surrendering to the wild currents of Change is demanded. Sometimes allowing ourselves to feel the pull of the Unknown is called for. Sometimes Silence and the natural world help us remember who we are.

Wherever any of us finds ourselves in the array of human responses to rapid transformation during these next five weeks, we each have the opportunity to evolve, to be the Agents of Evolution that we are.

One thing I like to remind myself is:


All of this is heading in one direction and while it may take circuitous routes to arrive, ALL OF IT *will* arrive, sooner or later. Knowing this helps me take the pressure off myself for needing to "get it right," letting me relax back into the Awareness that "All Is Well."

December Astro Weather Highlights

Tuesday, December 12

New Moon in Jyeshtha (conjunct strong Mars, with an aspect from Saturn)

Doing what only I can do

The energy of this new moon has us looking at "Self Leadership," and all forms of self possession. We are tasked to look deeply and honestly at who we want to Be in this world, where we are hitting that mark, and where we are falling short of our own ideals. Though no one else can do this reflection and work for us, kind and considerate Venus at this New Moon brings in moral support, ideas, and sweet forms of assistance from other kind souls walking the Path with us.


Wednesday, December 13 through January 1

Mercury Retrograde

Recapitulating Our Lives

This particular Mercury Retrograde, trined by Jupiter and traveling with the Sun for much of the time, has us doing sweeping reviews of our lives as we ask ourselves, "how did we get here?" We attempt to get at the root of things, by combing through the past.

As with every Mercury Retrograde, this three week period is better used for revising, editing, and reconnecting, rather than launching projects or initiating plans.


Wednesday, December 21

Winter Solstice

Calling in the Light

One of the natural seams in Time on our Earth plane, this winter solstice of 2023 smacks of exceedingly Rapid Evolution, strengthened by the network of connections we have all been forming this year.


Tuesday, December 26

Full Moon in Ardra with the Sun trined by Jupiter

Getting to know myself

The day after Christmas brings mixtures of emotions. The emotional span can reveal things to us that we weren't fully aware of before. The evolutionary opportunity in this is to allow opposites to co-exist inside ourselves, pushing nothing away – neither the joyful tones nor the sorrowful ones. Gratitude goes a long way in finding our Heart's consent for the whole spectrum of Human experience.


Wednesday, December 27

Retrograde Mercury conjunct Mars

The month's focus on transformation gets an infusion of energy

This transit could manifest in many different ways for each of us. For some it will look like travel frustrations. For others it might be testy conversations. For others it may bring in a welcome dose of energy for the inner work of transformation, helping us perceive what is at the root of the month's contemplations, getting to the bottom of things.

This conjunction forms close to the "Galactic Center," the black hole around which our Milky Way Galaxy revolves, which suggests an uneasy amount of tension our human Mind is being asked to hold. Yet this positioning has the potential for profound discovery.


Saturday, December 30

Jupiter stations Direct

Light and Goodness and Optimism Return

A bright spot in the month, just in time for New Year's. Jupiter has been retrograde since September 4 in the Vedic sign of Aries – what forward motion in your life were you relatively clear about at the end of August that has been rearranged since then? Having hopefully brought closure to the directions that no longer serve, our revised plans for forward movement begin to get the green lights they need.