February 2023: Love in a Time of Reality

February 2023Love in a Time of Reality

February's highlight is the week of Valentine's Day, right around Feb. 14 - 16, where we have a curious mix of deeply stirring, dreamy, imaginative reaching for love in action, while our feet are planted firmly on the ground of what's possible right here, right now, with only what we've got. Talk about being stretched!

Because of the way our hearts and beings are spanning this gap right now, it's as if our very own bodies and lives are the ground for these new narratives to seed themselves.

While that may sound nice, the experience of it may be a little heavy. We may experience sorrow and dejection over what is not yet possible, and the feeling of pressure to bring it into being.

Hold fast to what your heart knows. And move at the speed of trust.

Some of the highlights of February are:


Feb. 5

Uranus squares the Full Moon in Ashlesha

Shards of insight

New awareness permeates our collective field, around how our institutions will change, and what the template for community is becoming. Possibly, surprising events and/or unanticipated opportunities will force our hand.

On the personal level, don't be impetuous – watch out for attachment to emotional excitement/ adrenaline/ drama, or the desire to change for change's sake.


Feb. 15

Venus Neptune conjunction

"One Love"

Feeling the ecstasy of union with the beloved. For some this may be felt in the context of relationship. For others, this may populate their spiritual life. For others this may be about the awareness of non-separateness with all life on earth.


Feb. 16

Sun Saturn conjunction

Neo finds himself back in the chair, after a trip (The Matrix)

Possibly a metaphoric splash of cold water in the face after the elevated dreams of yesterday, when faced with reality, constraints, pressures, demands.


Feb. 19/20

New Moon in the lunar sign Shatabisha

Illuminating the need for healing

We need our team around us now. We need the ones who will help us understand and solve the problems we face.

For some this New Moon may bring actual healing crises, requiring medical intervention - doctors, healers, Medicine.


Feb. 21-23

The New Moon joining Venus as she approaches a conjunction with Jupiter

Three days of compassion

Three days where qualities like sweetness, gentleness, and kindness flow through our relationships. A time that stirs Hope. A time of believing in peace.


Agents of Evolution, roll with it.

The evolutionary impulse moving through us collectively is picking up speed. Whatever you allowed to take root over the past three months now gets both fertilizer and a bit of a stress test.

An Agent of Evolution leans into their evolutionary edge.

Are you able to lean into the tiny little glimmers of new life that are peeking their way through the past year of loss? Lean in without assuming you know what the outcome should be. Tend the present moment with beginner's mind. Let yourself continually be surprised at the unknown as it arrives and greets you. As more loss comes, you'll be able to be in the Beauty of it just that little bit more, having just weathered 2022.

Lean in with curiosity and as much as you can, detachment about the outcome. Resource yourself with the agenda-less natural world. Entrain your pulse to the heartbeat of the Earth so She can help you find your own, organic rhythm in all this Newness.