February 2024: Places to Go, People to See

February 2024: Places to Go, People to See

February 2024Places to Go, People to See

Dear Agents of Evolution, 

February's planetary weather promises sprouting new life for us all. We are still releasing much of The Old, even as The New is already underway. It may be tempting to endeavor big movements forward but it would be better to spend February collecting the energy and inspiration that will be needed for the road ahead.

February Astro Weather Highlights

February 5

Mercury conjunct Pluto

Vulnerable, intense communications

Some of the possible ways this could manifest for each of us:

  • The uncovering of secrets
  • Conversations about Death/ News of Death
  • Feeling vulnerable or exposed in communications
  • Speaking truthfully or bluntly
  • Powerful ideas exchanged in community
  • Authoritarian decrees


February 5

Mars moves into Sidereal Capricorn (until March 15)

A Season of Doing

The drive to make things happen visits us all in some aspect of our lives, depending on which house in our chart Mars will be transiting, and what aspects he makes to the planetary configurations present at our birth.

Irritation, annoyance, and aggression may come more quickly than usual this month, and if it does, channeling Mars' extra energy into exercise might be a good idea.


February 9

New Moon in Dhanishtha

New Rhythms

Some good contemplations for this New Moon would be:

In which area of my life am I calling in more abundance, more goodness? Changing which daily rhythm or pattern might help attract that abundance into my life?

I will offer a more detailed summary of this New Moon on Instagram.


February 11-12

Pileup of planets in Sidereal Capricorn

Getting Things Done

The lineup of Venus, Mars, Pluto, Mercury, and Sun in sidereal Capricorn brings efficiency and effectiveness to our strategy and implementation of our current life direction.


February 13 - 14

Mars conjunct Pluto

Transmission of Heat

This Valentine's Day might be extra "hot," in more ways than one. While physical attraction sparks may fly, we may all be a little more prone to the zero to sixty kind of rage responses. So, great day to practice mindfulness.


February 16

Venus conjunct Pluto

Augmenting Individual Power through Group Endeavors

Dynamic displays and expressions of synergy in groups, yielding excellence in creative output. 


February 21-22

Venus conjoins Mars

Spirited Expressions of Life and Love

There's an unsentimental kind of affection available on these two days. Also, a big dose of creative up-rolling-of-sleeves that might be used in bringing a project through to completion.


February 24

Full Moon in Magha

Witnessing Emotions

This Full Moon can give us the extra self responsibility and detachment needed to witness our more difficult emotions. With Saturn's influence on this Full Moon we may all be feeling a little under resourced. Resourcing ourselves in Spirit/ God/ The Eternal/ The Ground of Being through meditation would be a great practice at this Full Moon.

I will offer a more detailed summary of this Full Moon on Instagram.


February 28

Sun conjunct Saturn

Getting Sober about What's Possible

This transit happens once a year and each time it does we get to look at the reality of who we are, what we have made of ourselves, which responsibilities we need to get behind more, and what needs to go from our lives.