January 2024: Full Steam Ahead Into the Unknown

January 2024: Full Steam Ahead Into the Unknown

January 2024Full Steam Ahead into the Unknown

Dear Agents of Evolution,

In this year's waning moments, I am grateful. Grateful for you, for the time you take to tune into these newsletters, for your being in the world and contributing, as the agent of evolution that you are.

Wishing you and yours a new year filled with peace, love, happiness, and meaningful connection.

January Astro Weather Highlights

January 1-2

Mercury turns direct and Saturn squares Venus

Though the month has a full steam ahead feeling to it, especially with Mercury stationing direct on New Year's Day, Saturn square Venus requires sobriety, and a measured approach. We will be working within the restrictions reality places on us, or perhaps just within a set structure or set parameters. Some amount of streamlining, even paring down, is a good idea.

Saturn square Venus is the 99% perspiration side of the creativity equation. (Jupiter/ Venus aspects would be the inspiration side of the equation.)


January 9

Neptune square Mercury

Dream a little dream

Our minds may want to get down to the nitty gritty, the practical details, the action plan, but Neptune says slow down, go with the flow, coast for just a minute, dream.


January 11

New Moon in Purva Ashadha

Short term goals

Accompanied by Mercury and Mars, this New Moon is full of Energy! The planetary lineup brings to mind images of passionate conversations about how to collectively proceed. This might be a very good time to share some of your individual goals with the partners, family members, and colleagues you are traveling with, looking at collective actions needed. Mars receive a trine from Jupiter so there may be a spirited hashing it out quality to the conversations.

I will offer a more detailed summary of this New Moon on Instagram.


January 12

Jupiter trine Mars

A surge of energy

This day after the New Moon brings in some good, raw energy and confidence, helping the seeds planted at the New Moon to grow quickly. Maybe too quickly in some cases. (Check with your inner Saturn to see if he's giving you the green light.)


January 19

Jupiter trine Mercury

A surge of ideas and communications

On this day, breathe. The skies feature a creatively compelling line-up of Venus (who has just escaped confinement by Saturn square), Mercury, and Mars, all in a cluster, with a trine from Jupiter, and this means, lots of creative birthing in conversation with others. This day is highly excitable, best used for projects you are sure you want to move forward with.


January 20

Sun conjunct Pluto

Clarity and Power

This transit comes once a year. Tune in this year, and see if you can feel the clarity, conviction, and power that it comes with.


Also January 20

Neptune square Venus

Dream with more imagination than you are allowing yourself

The times we are in require us to navigate differently than we ever have before. Each minor Neptune transit like this gets us to soften a little more, become more fluid, be in harmony with the currents.. and this one in particular encourages us to step into the magic of imagination, with conviction and poise. Our understanding of what we want may shift.


January 25

Full Moon in Pushya

You've Got This

This Full Moon gives us the expansiveness of Heart to know that we have what it takes to meet all the challenges that may ever come our way in this lifetime. Our Heart is vast and so much bigger than the problems we face. Gratitude practice will help put you in touch with the goodness available at this Full Moon. 

I will offer a more detailed summary of this Full Moon on Instagram.


Mercury conjunct Mars

Clarity, urgency, directness, in pursuit of results

Not far from the degree the New Moon took place in earlier in the month, this tag team of Mercury and Mars is equal parts talk and action. What was seeded at the New Moon manifests ever more tangibly through purposeful conversation, collaboration, and unified action.


January 28

Jupiter trine Venus


On this day we get some sweet inspiration (or downtime, or pleasure, or relaxation, depending on what we do with the gift,) bringing in a tiny bit of respite at the end of a charged month.