July 2023: Dancing with Desire

July 2023: Dancing with Desire

July 2023

Dancing with Desire - Happy summer days to you!

Dear Agents of Evolution,

June was awesome for me. I traveled back to Ashland, OR, my home of 15 years, to clear out a storage unit that I had hurriedly packed before leaving to be with my Mom last March (2022) and got to reconnect with so many beloveds! The thinning out of possessions felt liberating, but also daunting. I sold and gave away most of my possessions. I shipped back to western NC the few things I'd rather not live without. In my rush to get to New Haven last spring I left behind things I thought I would retrieve in a few months – those few months turned into almost a year and a half. You never know where the tide will take you.

Something I'm learning to trust is the net of love and support of friends along the way... 

Working with the young people you have sent my way for Dharma Readings has been a blast! I'm keeping that Dharma Readings offer open to subscribers to this newsletter – a one hour reading for a young human below the age of 25, focusing on bringing their gifts into the world, at $135. While I won't advertise this offer on my website, hang onto this email and reply to it to request a Dharma Reading for a beloved young person in your life.


July Astro Weather Highlights

July 3

Full Moon in Purva Ashadha


We are feeling invigorated by the inner exploration around who we are, and who have we become, amidst all this change.

I offer a more detailed summary of this Full Moon on Instagram.


July 11

Mercury opposes Pluto

Being interrogated by our social conscience

Under a transit like this, try to not assume the worst. We may feel unusually vulnerable around issues of security, and some of us, somewhat guilty or ashamed around our social identity. Outer events may challenge us to let go of old roles that no longer fit. We're being asked to liberate our narrow ideas of who and what we belong to, increasing our circles of kinship to experience an ever wider sense of belonging.


July 17

New Moon in Punarvasu


Both the full moon and the new moon are placed in parts of the sky the Vedic Seers associated with the energy that the water brings. Whether the waters bless you with rain, or with emotional release, this new moon is a good time to let yourself feel renewed.

I will offer a more detailed summary of this New Moon on Instagram.


July 21-22

Mars opposes Saturn

Attempt to build within constricting parameters

Through willingly paring down, scaling back, (Saturn retrograde in Shatabhisha,) we allow new directions to flourish. There is an element of healing present in this transit, but it demands both specific action, and refraining from other specific action. We may have unusually tight parameters in which to build whatever we're building, but abiding by these parameters helps us succeed, and gives our creations longevity.


July 24 – September 3

Venus Retrograde


Sometime in September after the completion of Venus retrograde, after we have cleared the dust and gunk out of our heart engines, and our minds know precisely what we actually value and love and enjoy and adore, we are likely to feel our life energy surge toward these Chosens.


Spend the five or so weeks of this Venus Retrograde contemplating what lights your heart on fire. Ask yourself what patterns, ways of relating, self images, places, roles, etc. you might need to part with, in order to have more energy and time to nurture what you really love.

September 2023 continues to be a month I'm watching for significant changes in the United States, around its foreign allies, the presidency, and the economy.

Let's see what happens.

And no matter what happens, may you know Peace, with every breath, deep in your bones.