March 2024: Deeper Listening Needed

March 2024: Deeper Listening Needed

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Dear Agents of Evolution, 

March is a month for deep listening, not really a month for pushing much forward, though some things may be catapulted forward for us. We may encounter some forks in the road where decisions must be made. Circumstances, positions, resources, people may exit or enter our lives seemingly suddenly, but if we're honest with ourselves, we long sensed a change was coming.

The month of March can be summed up with this arc, not necessarily happening in this order:

  1. Recalling the dream – its melody, its rhythm, its timbre, its tenor, and its feeling of goodness.
  2. Clearing the way, letting go of things not in alignment with that dream.
  3. Fielding both the vicissitudes and the wild opportunities of March, with the dream as north star.

 March is not a time for strategy as usual, rather, it is a time to sense into the deeper currents, maybe asking: What was the original spark I caught sight of, that I began following the Light of? What have I let get overgrown that now binds my feet to where I stand? Can I recapture the inspiration that fueled my new vision, once upon a blessed time?

March Astro Weather Highlights

This month as Saturn shares the lunar sign of Shatabhisha with Mercury, the Sun, the Moon, Venus, and Mars, (in that order,) collective actions to address the sickness of our world are in focus. Intergenerational and collective trauma are very much presenting themselves for healing this month. Shatabhisha both reveals the wounds, and offers the medicine to close them. Saturn helps us get sober about the healing Path ahead, even as Uranus throws exciting opportunity into the mix. 


March 3

Venus square Uranus

Loving Who and What We Really Love

Back in late March 2023 at the Venus/Uranus conjunction, you may have been starting to get honest with yourself about something that you love or want – something in the realm of relationship, material life, creative expression, and pleasure in general. Then in early Nov. 2023, at the Venus/ Uranus opposition, you may have put that interest to the test.

At this Venus/Uranus square, you may be feeling the push from Uranus, to integrate that new goodness with all the parts of you that may not have fully caught up yet.


March 9

Mars square Uranus

Acting on the Inner Impulse to Change

This transit can manifest quite differently for each of us. The energy of the transit includes waking us up to what actions are needed to be in integrity with ourselves, our values, our beliefs, our soul level aspirations.

We may find life handing us a set of circumstances we didn't expect – sometimes welcome, sometimes difficult – taking us in directions we knew deep down we wanted to go but didn't know how to navigate toward.

One generally productive way to approach these first two weeks of March with these Uranus transits is to decide to step outside our own comfort zones and take some risks around being who we know ourselves deep down to be.


March 10

New Moon in Purva Bhadrapada

Becoming clear on commitments of honor

Since the Sun and Moon share placement in the sky with Venus and Saturn during this New Moon, we are discovering "what is mine to do" in the realm of relationships, friendships, and social justice. Some clear-eyed determination and dedicated work may be needed. 

I will offer a more detailed summary of this New Moon on Instagram.


March 17

Sun conjunct Neptune

Long on ideals, short on realities

This can be a dreamy, drifty, diffuse day. Try not to schedule things that require analytical skills. Instead, take this day (and the few days around it,) to dream, to float, to imagine.


March 21

Venus conjunct Saturn

Cinderella, back from the ball

Being called into social action

While the weekend prior to this transit afforded us some time to let our imaginations drift, Venus and Saturn in concert find us back to the reality of cleaning the cinders out of the fireplace. If we're wise, we're not waiting around for Prince Charming, but instead are committing to a set of creative actions that will take us back to the palace of our imagination. For many of us this palace is a new kind of social space where healing can occur.


March 25

Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse in Hastha

How will you help? Who will help you?

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse can show us where the needs lie, and where we can roll up our sleeves and be part of a solution. We may be seeing those needs in a new light. Addressing needs may prove a little more challenging than usual, possibly by swamped distribution channels – i.e. clogged or delayed supply chains.

There's a total solar eclipse coming on April 8, which will be visible in the U.S. (therefore that much more pertinent to the U.S.) General astrological wisdom around eclipses is to let the period of two weeks between the lunar and solar eclipse (Mar. 25 - Apr. 8) be a time of reflection, regrouping, and deep listening, rather than a time of initiating, or moving things forward. Some astrologers will extend that to the week before and after eclipses as well. (Mar. 17 - Apr. 15)

I will offer a more detailed summary of this Full Moon on Instagram.