October 2022: Designing the Journey to Freedom

October 2022
Designing the Journey to Freedom

October's bubbling transformative energy feels to me like a journey taken on foot with a group at night, full of unknowns, dangers, camaraderie, synchronicity, and potential liberation.

The collective bursts of Grief and emotion moving through us brings feeling back into all the numb and hollow corners of our human soul. Shock begins to wear off as we give ourselves to the Earth and tune in to the outrageous amount of Grace and assistance from the more-than-human world available to usher us through the gates of our collective evolution.

Who we are becoming, beckons. Who we have been has not entirely been shed. This is the in-between we are currently making our way through. This is the dark and fertile forest of October.

Some of the highlights of October are:

September 27 - October 7
Saturn square Uranus
The End of long-standing traditions,
paving the way for The New 

We are in the fourth and final square between these two titans – the first three took place Feb. 2021, June 2021, Dec. 2021. Representing the sudden upheaval of structures long supporting contemporary culture, (one great example of this is the death of Queen Elizabeth II, and the end of an era that her life and rule represented) this transit's culmination brings both disruption and opportunity, chaos and breakthrough, destruction and innovation.

October 2
Mercury in Virgo turns direct  

Plans gain clarity
We might get green lights from our own inner project manager on many of the details around how we want to shape our days and weeks ahead, but with Mars turning retrograde later this month we might find ourselves needing to slow down.
(It's almost as if we're stepping onto an invisible escalator, and needing to slow down to catch it in the right place and timing.) 
Nice to get the clarity of Mercury direct, nonetheless.

October 8
Pluto turns direct 

Unequivocal need for change
We may have been questioning what kind of change the times have been demanding of us, since the time Pluto turned retrograde a few months ago on April 29th, sincerely bewildered by the severity of the endings. It may have been confusing to interpret the events of our lives and understand exactly what growth life wanted from us. Now as Pluto turns direct, we're likely to feel in our gut a kind of silent knowing around what we're being asked to let go of.

October 9
Full Moon in Revati, illuminated by Jupiter and Venus 

Traveling the liminal spaces
This full moon feels a bit like walking a path with loved ones at night, carrying candles, telling stories and singing songs to keep each others' spirits high, finding ways to enjoy traversing the terrain in between the old and the new.

October 22
Sun conjunct Venus in Chitra 

The architects of our current human evolution reveal to us the secret codes planted in our hearts aeons ago
We remember our oaths to one another. 

October 23
Saturn turns direct 

Trial period ends
Since the time Saturn turned retrograde on June 4th, we've been in a holding pattern, testing certain waters, waiting for more of the variables to gain surer footing. We have enough info, intel, data now, to release our need for sure footing and either commit or cut bait, choosing our directions with more intention. 

October 25
New Moon/ Partial Solar Eclipse in Swati

Winds of Change
As the first of the eclipse pair (the total lunar eclipse happens on Nov. 8), this partial solar eclipse ushers in a two week period of "seeing things in a new light." 
This eclipse features Wind, and Air. The way things travel. The way Wind disperses, scatters, broadcasts. The spontaneity and unpredictability of Wind. We might be noticing the wizard behind the curtain of the airwaves.
The effects of this eclipse are felt until the next eclipse pair in April/ May 2023.

October 30
Mars turns retrograde (until Jan. 12, 2023)

Obey the Winds
Time to review the intentions (or lack thereof) behind our habitual responses to things, behind our way of moving about the world. This retrograde season of Mars (while Jupiter is also retrograde,) takes some of the patterned forward momentum down a notch, encouraging us to adopt a "tacking" – rather than direct – motion forward.


Transformative Month for Agents of Evolution

We are each called to specific ways of showing up in Earth's reorganization. Some of us are here to tear down old structures. Some of us are here to build the new ones. Some of us are here to witness and support and hold space for those in more active roles. Available to all of us, however, is the possibility of making space for the whole spectrum of human experience in our hearts, no matter what "side" our minds and upbringing and development have us on.

An Agent of Evolution gets comfortable holding opposites without irritably rushing toward a fixed position.

The next time someone challenges your worldview, imagine them as a child. Imagine them in all their innocence, laughing and playing and wanting love, just like you. Hold this image in your heart and beam to them silently, "It makes me so happy to see you happy." Carry on with whatever's happening with this inner stance guiding your engagement, even if you are disagreeing, or drawing a line. 

Don't let the fear/ anger/ hatred that's ever present in public discourse convince you to cut yourself off from your own heart. 

May all your days be buoyed by your own heart's consent...