September 2022: Life, Deconstructed


Dominating September's skies is the ongoing Saturn Uranus square that began in February 2021 and culminates in October 2022. As the underpinnings of our old lives continue to be deconstructed, the tentative, nascent forms of our new lives are underfoot...

Some of the highlights of September are:

September 2
Mercury opposite Retrograde Jupiter 

Helpful words
This is a great day to help your loved ones with kind, thoughtful, uplifting words. Also a great day for healing by way of upgrading the quality of your thoughts. 

September 9 – October 1
Mercury Retrograde
The Month of Lists!
Diligent Mercury in an earth sign is attending to the steps needed to create the lifestyle going forward that we are now really clear we want or need. Nowhere does Mercury excel better than when there are a myriad of details to attend to, and this Mercury retrograde period will give us the opportunity to really get our ducks in the *right* row. You might consider a master list for all your lists!

All the same Mercury retrograde rules apply, as always: slow down and double-check your work, your communications, avoid initiating major contracts or projects but do attend to things that are already on your plate and fine tune – edit the manuscript, reorganize your pantry, sit down with your financial planner and redistribute investments into renewable energy, darn your socks... etc.

September 10
Full Moon in Purva Bhadrapada
Releasing, recombining, getting creative about how we love
This lunation receives aspects from both Venus and Mars. We've got the opportunity to get creative in our relationships. Follow me on Instagram to get the detailed full moon report.

September 10-25
Pitru Paksha
Hindu fortnight devoted to ancestor reverence
Take some time during the two weeks between the full and new moon to learn a little about your ancestors, and to reacquaint yourself with them on the spirit level. Check out Dr. Daniel Foor's offerings at for ritual inspiration on how to express gratitude, safely make contact, and get help from your ancestors.

September 18 & 19
Merc Retro opposite Retro Jupiter

Renegotiations & New Alliances
Reflecting on our purposeful partnerships, out loud, with each other. Meeting new old friends.

September 22
Autumnal Equinox
Turn of the Season
Days shorten. We celebrate the turning, gather harvests, prepare for the winter ahead.

September 25
New Moon in Uttara Phalguni
Purposeful Parternships
This is an exciting new moon for relationships. We are seeded with lots of opportunities to make things happen, together. Follow me on Instagram to get the detailed new moon report.

September 26 – October 4
Nine nights of the Goddess
Goddess lovers, dance and sing with wild abandon! Throw down your chains at your oppressors feet! Ride that tiger into the dawn! Or just chant the name of Durga and feel like you've done all of the above :)

September 27 - October 7
Saturn square Uranus
Disruption. Invention. 
The last week of September and the first week of October are a slightly more modest grand finale to the exact squares between these two titans that took place Feb. 2021, June 2021, Dec. 2021. Representing the sudden upheaval of structures long supporting contemporary culture, this transit's culmination brings both disruption and opportunity, chaos and breakthrough, destruction and innovation.

Any disruption this transit brings is supported in equal measure by how we purposefully come together this month to forge our new path forward. 

🌙 ✨

Healing Month for Agents of Evolution

Here's what I'm attempting to do: I'm trying not to label things qualitatively, and instead move to where there's resonance, grounded joy & pleasure, and aliveness. Saturn and Uranus want us to take sides – be either this or that. But I'm finding the wisdom in walking the middle path. 

This is a healing month for all Agents of Evolution. The frozen cold of pandemic isolation begins to warm itself by the fire of kindness. New alliances help us come alive in ways we had almost forgotten we were capable of. Old alliances dust off the accumulated heaviness and forge a new path forward, together or separately, but connected.

This is also a month to GET STUFF DONE! It will be tempting to compulsively try and nail every last little detail perfectly – maybe we can instead enjoy the perfection of each moment along the way. 

There's no doubt, this continues to be a month of enormous sea change, this time getting down to the details as we re-do, re-orchestrate, renegotiate, or maybe just revamp many of the things we thought were our new directions.

An Agent of Evolution gets comfortable surfing the unknown.

Happy turning of the season to you...