Sepideh Hakimzadeh

Sepideh Hakimzadeh

Moon Path of Evolution

The Evolutionary Path of the Moon + Healing Motherhood

Sepideh has done deep work around pregnancy, birth, and motherhood, both in her own life as a mother, and as a marriage and family therapist in southern California.

Sepi knew she wanted to work with parents but her specific contribution to this therapeutic field clicked for her with the birth of her own son. She recognized a deep need for therapeutic space that addresses experiences in conception, pregnancy, post-partum, and mothering for diverse populations:

"There's really a lack of voices around talking about what it's like to be a person of color or a Black person who is having these experiences, trying to raise a child in a system that is constantly trying to tell you that the way that you see life and the way that you've lived your life is wrong, that it has to be a certain way – the white way – versus all these other ways that exist."

Out of this awareness, Whole Mother Therapy was born. In her work with mothers and parents of all backgrounds, Sepi is helping to bring healing at collective, systemic levels. Motherhood may be an experience universal to all people, but different mothers experience vastly different systems of support, and face vastly different challenges. Whole Mother Therapy is a resource for all mothers, especially those mothers who might feel there is no place for them in conventional therapeutic environments.